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ManiaSwitcher™ Video  Presentation Production Services


Make your next seminar, video conference, or YouTube video look and feel professionally produced with one of our ManiaSwitcher™ video presentation packages.

ManiaSwitcher™ Video Presentation Packages

About Multi-Camera Video Production

Multi-camera video production shoots are an exciting and creative method of building engaging video content by cutting between camera angles. Modern audiences are accustomed to seeing different camera angles every 3 seconds. No matter how strong the content is, it’s always better to make it more engaging from a production standpoint.

Our ManiaSwitcher multi-camera packages can help you do just that.

    Package Options Include:

    • 2-Camera Shoot with PowerPoint and one other video/graphic source
    • 3-Camera Shoot with PowerPoint or other video/graphic sources
    • 4-Camera Shoot – One remote camera source
    • Up to 8 Input Sources


    Special thanks to the RJ Spangler Band

    Put your best face forward on the internet–live.

    ManiaSwitcher is a complete solution for multi-camera live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more. Switch live between high-quality camera inputs for dramatically better-quality video, and connect a computer for PowerPoint slide delivery.


    Professionally present webinars, product announcements, or training programs from your location or our studio in Chesterfield, Michigan. The choice is yours.

    Excellent Presentation Tool for Your Special Church Services

    Our ManiaSwitcher System can help your program come alive. Broadcast Live and have a video copy for future viewing and distribution.

    Special Non-Profit pricing is available.

    Custom Video Conference Design and Production Packages are available.