Sample LiveTech Library screenNow you can provide your customers with technical support when and where they need it with Mania's Online Video Technical Library.

Available as a Pay-Per-View model or Free of charge, this unique service provides valuable information on your most popular instruments and equipment.


Here’s how it works...
Click on the TechLibrary Link.

Your customers navigates to the the product video index they need for technical support and click on the video topic of choice.

Customers will also have the option to see additional support materials in the righthand sidebar.

It’s that simple.


Shown above, Argus-Hazco LiveTech Libray index.

Custom Remote Training Programs Available
Mania Interactive can develop and provide custom training programs remotely. This means that your personnel can attend live Online sessions from several locations without the expense of travel and loss of valuable time.

Mania Interactive’s unique Technical Library is perfect for 24/7 technical support, including:

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Additional Online LIVE Video Support with LiveTech™

Online Live Video Support with our LIveTech program is an excellent tool for those tricky issues that you can't quite explain over the phone.


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